Neptune's Projects

Neptune's Projects

Rishi Dastidar

ISBN: 978-1-913437-68-8

eISBN: 978-1-913437-69-5

Price: £10.99

Publication date: 27th April 2023

Format: Paperback / eBook

Rishi Dastidar's third collection of poems, Neptune’s Projects, is an apocalyptic reshaping of mythology, mixing wit and harsh realities, god-like egos and absurdism, in poems which give bold consideration to the stark choices humanity now faces on a warming planet.


Rishi Dastidar's second collection of poetry, Saffron Jack, is published in the UK by Nine Arches Press. He is also editor of The Craft: A Guide to Making Poetry Happen in the 21st Century (Nine Arches Press), and co-editor of Too Young, Too Loud, Too Different: Poems from Malika’s Poetry Kitchen (Corsair).

Photograph credit: Naomi Woddis

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An outcast, an outsider, an oddball. With too much ambition and not enough talent, Saffron Jack has never fitted in wherever he’s been. Now, with the feeling that his time is running out, he needs to do something drastic to change his life. So what better idea than to run away to the nearest war zone, and within the bullets, destruction and fighting do the thing he’s always wanted to do: start his own country and declare himself king...


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