The Unmapped Woman

The Unmapped Woman

Abegail Morley

Price £9.99

ISBN: 978-1-911027-91-1

eISBN: 978-1-911027-92-8

Date:  16th April 2020

Format: Paperback

Extent: 72 pp


This deeply moving new collection from Abegail Morley explores the altitudes of loss and trauma, mapping the stark new territory that a bereavement leaves behind and the landmarks of recovery and survival.


Several lives and life-changing themes cross paths in this clear-sighted and profound book, and Morley’s adept and courageous poetry guides us through the wooded shades and raw coastlines, dauntless: “Bear with me. I can take nature let wind whip our faces”. From the hollowing of the empty place and the five stages of grief, these resolute poems with their mettle and wholeheartedness, chart their remarkable, bold course towards the voicing of a song, the light of the next day.



Abegail Morley’s most recent pamphlet is In the Curator’s Hands and is published by Indigo Dreams Publishing. Her previous collection, The Skin Diary is published by  Nine Arches Press and was reviewed in the Times Literary Supplement. She is one of the co-editors of Against the Grain Press, an innovative small independent poetry publisher dedicated to publishing challenging, well-crafted poetry. She was named one of the Five British Poets to watch by The Huffington Post in 2017. She has been Poet in Residence at Riverhill Himalayan Gardens, Kent, Canterbury Festival Poet of the Year and was a commissioned poet on The Globe Theatre’s Autumn season “The Voice and the Echo”. She collaborated with the artist Karen Dennison on The Memory of Water, a pamphlet based on her residency at Scotney Castle (Indigo Dreams Publishing).

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