The Kerosene Singing

Alistair Noon - The Kerosene Singing

ISBN: 9780993120169

Price £9.99

Date: 1st October 2015


Alistair Noon’s new collection of poems, The Kerosene Singing, roams the borders and places on the edge of many things, whether that’s on the edge of nations and continents, of history or of the realms of possibility. A dynamic lyric energy enlivens everything it comes into contact with in these poems; where history, landscape and language loom large, Noon’s attentive rhythms and wit bring out the most subtle detail. These quicksilver poems invite the reader outand beyond, into new uncertain territories, subject to change without further notice.

Praise for The Kerosene Singing:

‘Alistair Noon writes ambitious, planet-bound poetry for the trending 21st century. His imagination navigates pathways through our global village: a sphere where the ‘translocal’ poet co-exists with advertisers, estate agents and refugee settlers. His methods marry classical forms and continuities to the spirit of modernist collage and postmodern play. He makes an entertaining and illuminating travelling companion through our accelerating, chimeric modern world. Here, nature andtechnology, violent history and the modern economy, all infect each other and breed unlike creation. This is a poet who stretches poetic idiom to meet the huge challenges of our times.’ - Matthew Clegg

Alistair Noon was born in 1970 and grew up in Aylesbury. Besides time spent in Russia and China, he has lived in Berlin since the early nineties, where he works as a translator. He has published poetry, including translations from German and Russian, in nine chapbooks from small presses, a collaboration with Giles Goodland (Surveyors' Riddles) and Earth Records (Nine Arches, 2012, short-listed for the Michael Murphy Memorial Prize). The Kerosene Singing is his second full-length collection.

(photo credit: Clare Jephcott)

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